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Eric Moulds: Sammy Watkins 'really ate Revis' lunch'

Former Bills WR Eric Moulds had plenty of praise for Sammy Watkins.

Tyler Dunne of The Buffalo News interviewed a panel of former wide receivers on Sammy Watkins. Dunne's piece, The Sammy Watkins Trade: Was it worth it? WR panel analyzes his game, talked to former Buffalo Bills WRs Eric Moulds, Andre Reed, and James Lofton, as well as Tim Brown and Cris Carter, about the Watkins trade. 

The panel talked about various aspects of Watkins' game and when his talent was brought up, Moulds talked Watkins' Week 17 matchup against Darrelle Revis. In Moulds' eyes, Watkins 'ate Revis' lunch."

“The first time they played, Revis got the best of him," Moulds said. "For the second game, Sammy really studied him and got an understanding of how Revis plays. And he realized if he got that ‘V’ release and he put pressure on Revis, he can eat his lunch. He has great speed, so you have to respect that speed. He was running great routes and stopping on a dime and he really ate Revis’ lunch the last game of the season. He made him look really bad.”

It's hard to argue with Moulds after Watkins' dominant performance against Revis and the NY Jets in Week 17. 


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