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Marquise Goodwin convinced some people that he was no longer with the Bills.

It's not easy pulling off an April Fools' Day joke, but Marquise Goodwin did it.

Despite it being April Fools' Day, Marquise Goodwin convinced some Buffalo Bills fans and websites that his time with the Bills was over. 

On Friday, Goodwin sent out the following tweet:


The wording of the tweet was a bit curious but Goodwin doubled down on his claim by stating that it wasn't a joke. 


The wide receiver's second tweet actually used a double negative, but after sending the message Goodwin went silent. 

On any other date, Goodwin's tweets would have been more convincing. Goodwin has been focused on making the 2016 Rio Olympics and has been training for months. Buffalo has given Goodwin their blessing to focus on the Olympics, but he could miss quite a bit of time with Buffalo leading up to the 2016 season. For those reasons, it wasn't far-fetched to think that the Bills and Goodwin could part ways. 

As time passed, some fans became convinced that Goodwin was telling the truth and one website even wrote an article stating that Goodwin was forgoing his final season to train for the Olympics.

After letting hours pass, Goodwin finally let everyone know it was an April Fools' joke.



On a day when it's hard to believe anything you read, Goodwin was convincing enough to make some people think his time with the Bills was over.  


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