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The Buffalo Bills were more popular than the Jets in a New York poll.

The Bills defeated the Jets again.

New York may be in their name, but the New York Jets aren't as popular as the Buffalo Bills in New York.

Siena College recently reported their findings from a survey they gave on New Yorkers favorite sports teams. It's no surprise that the Yankees led the way with 22 percent of the state vote. In the NFL, the New York Giants received 12 percent of the vote. However, among the two AFC East teams, the Bills defeated the Jets by two percent. Buffalo received eight percent of the vote, while the Jets finished with just six percent of the vote.

The Bills handed the Jets two losses last season, so it's only fitting that Buffalo defeated the Jets again. 

A full breakdown of voting percentages showed the following results:

New York Yankees: 22%

New York Mets: 13%

New York Giants: 12%

No favorite: 12%

Buffalo Bills: 8%

New York Jets: 6%

New York Knicks: 6%

New York Rangers: 5%

Brooklyn Nets: 4%

Syracuse Orange: 4%

Don't know/refused: 3%

Buffalo Sabres: 2%

New York Islanders: 2%

Other: 2%


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