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Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley: We want Tyrod to be long term answer at QB

Doug Whaley spoke about Tyrod Taylor on the NFL Network.

Tyrod Taylor isn't likely to get a long term contract before the start of the 2016 season, but that doesn't mean that the Buffalo Bills don't view Taylor as the long term answer. Bills GM Doug Whaley appeared on the NFL Network on Thursday and was asked about whether or not the team feels that Taylor is the long term answer at quarterback. Here is how Whaley responded, via BuffaloBills.com

“We want him to be and he wants to be,” said Whaley. “Time will tell, but we’re excited about what he did last year. He went 8-6 as a starter. There’s a lot of excitement around our football. We were the number one rushing team in the league and we went 4-2 in our division so we’re excited. And I’ll tell you this about Tyrod, he’s a big time competitor and he’s going to want to raise the level of his game next year and we’re going to give him as much ammunition around him as we can so he can succeed.”

If Taylor starts the 2016 season strong, Buffalo would probably be open to starting negotiations with the quarterback. Currently, the Bills don't have the cap space to extend Taylor and they probably want to see a larger body of work from the quarterback before paying Taylor a large sum of money.


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