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Tyrod Taylor's agent took a shot at the Bills on Thursday

It's hard to argue with much of what Bakari said.

Tyrod Taylor's agent, Adisa Bakari, spoke with SiriusXM Radio on Thursday about his client. Bakari has been vocal about getting his client a long term deal with the Buffalo Bills sooner rather than later. After seeing the money that was given to Brock Osweiler and Sam Bradford, it's hard to blame Bakari.

On SiriusXM, Bakari was quick to point out that Buffalo's lack of success in 2015 had little to do with Taylor. Bakari took a shot at Buffalo's defense and the team's lack of discipline.


For the most part, Bakari is correct. The defense did not come close to meeting expectations and if they had performed as well as the 2014 unit had, there's a very good chance that Buffalo's playoff drought would have ended last year. As for the discipline comment, Bakari was 100 percent correct. The team had multiple meltdowns last season that hurt the team. 

As for his client, Taylor was exceptional for most of the 2015 season. That said, he was far from perfect. Taylor struggled mightily running the two minute drill late in games. It's one aspect that the Bills hope to see Taylor improve upon in 2016.

Bakari pointed out that the ball is in Buffalo's court when it comes to a long-term deal and he hopes the team makes a decision soon.


Taylor only played 14 games last season so it's understandable that the Bills are hesitant to pay the quarterback a large sum of money. In addition to this, Buffalo's lack of cap space would make it difficult to extend Taylor at this time.

Last, Bakari was asked about the report that stated the Broncos inquired about Taylor.

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Bakari wouldn't get into specifics but noted that teams around the league took note of what Taylor could do at quarterback.


It's pretty clear that Bakari is putting the Bills on notice. Buffalo has Taylor under contract for one more season, as well as the franchise tag option, but if the team doesn't pay Taylor, there will be plenty of teams who will. 


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