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T-Mobile partners with Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor aka T-Mobile

T-Mobiles stick together.

Back in January, Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor sat down with John Murphy on the Bills web show 'Unfiltered' and was asked about his various nicknames. In the segment, Taylor stated that T-Mobile was his least favorite nickname. Taylor stated that that T-Mobile was his oldest nickname and that he was just ready for a new nickname.

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It seemed like a fair response, but in early February the QB took part in a Reddit AMA. One person asked Taylor what his favorite nickname was and Taylor responded with "T-Mobile." It seemed curious at the time, but it certainly makes more sense after the launch of his official website.

On Taylor's official site, Tyrod5Taylor.com, his partners are listed on the bottom of the page. Nike, New Era, ethika, BOSE, and Play 60 are all listed along with, you guessed it, T-Mobile.


Perhaps Taylor's sudden change of heart about his nickname was brought on by the partnership. 


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