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No Monday Night Football at the Ralph

Thursday Night Football just isn't the same...

It's been more than 2,700 days since the Buffalo Bills hosted a team on Monday Night Football. That number will continue to rise after it was revealed that Ralph Wilson Stadium will not host a Monday Night Football game in 2016.

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When it was noted that Buffalo's last MNF game happened on November 17, 2008, a 29-27 loss to the Browns, many fans replied that the Bills just haven't been competitive enough to host a game on Monday Night. It's a fair point until you go and look at some of the teams that have hosted games on Monday night in the last five years. The Browns hosted a MNF football game, as did the Chargers (twice) and 49ers in 2015. None of these teams were among the best in the league. 

Competitiveness certainly plays a role in selecting some matchups, but Buffalo has been 9-7 and 8-8 respectively in the last two seasons. 

If it's not due to competitiveness, why aren't the Bills getting a home game on Monday Night Football? Some have mentioned that some fans' antics may be the cause. The Bills were a Deadspin darling in 2015 but you can find fans like that for every NFL team.

In my opinion, Buffalo getting passed over on Monday Night Football has everything to do with their stadium. Roger Goodell has stated that he believes the Bills need a new stadium and a few NFL owners recently said the same thing.

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Until the Bills appear serious about a new stadium, it wouldn't surprise me if Monday Night Football continued to avoid Buffalo. The NFL may be making a point to the Pegulas.

Thursday Night Football, the less interesting step-brother of Monday Night Football, just isn't the same. The Ralph will certainly be rocking in Week 2 when they host the NY Jets, but that will have everything to do with it being the home opener and nothing to do with it being held in primetime. At least the Bills will be making Twitter history that evening.

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In 2016, Bills fans will Rock the Ralph every chance that they get. It's just a shame they won't be able to do so on Monday Night Football.


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