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Report: Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office will review the LeSean McCoy case.

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office is going to review the case against Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy.

It was announced on April 4 that LeSean McCoy would not face charges over a nightclub altercation that took place in Philadelphia back in February. 

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At the time Seth Williams, the Philadelphia District Attorney, said the following on the case:

“For the past several weeks my office has worked diligently with Philadelphia Police Department’s Central Detectives to investigate this matter and, in the end, there is insufficient evidence to prove that any individual committed a criminal offense,” Williams stated. “My job is not to decide if anyone acted appropriately or not. My job is to determine if evidence exists to charge any individual with a crime. I do that by looking at all the facts. That is what we did here. My decision today is consistent with my commitment to the citizens of Philadelphia to charge, and only charge, those people, who, based on evidence, are guilty of crimes.”

Now, NBC Philadelphia is reporting that the case will be reviewed by the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office.

According to the article, John McNesby, the President of the Fraternal Order of Police's Lodge 5, wrote to the state attorney general's office after no charges were filed against McCoy and three of his friends. McNesby asked for a review of Williams' decision and it was granted by Solicitor General Bruce Castor.

The state attorney general's office will now look at the evidence from the case to determine if charges should have been made. If they feel that is the case, a court could be asked to overturn Seth Williams' decision.

Williams stands by his decision according to a statement he made to NBC Philadelphia which states, "We conducted 44 interviews speaking with a total of 27 individuals, made site visits, examined the medical records of multiple participants, and reviewed photographs and video surveillance footage."


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