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Donald Trump expressed faith in Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor

It wasn't that long ago that Donald Trump attempted to buy the Buffalo Bills.

Instead of attempting to make America great again, Donald Trump was in the running to make the Buffalo Bills great again. If Trump had won the bid to buy the Bills, perhaps he'd be talking about building a new stadium and not a wall on the U.S./Mexico border. It just wasn't meant to be for Trump.

However, Trump has kept an eye on the team that he showed interest in owning. On Sunday, the Buffalo News published an article on Trump and his upcoming appearance in Buffalo. In the article, it notes that Trump has kept track of the Bills and it notes that Trump has faith in the progress of Bills QB Tyrod Taylor. From the BN article:

He also looked back two years on his attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills, which he now acknowledges was “half hearted.” He posed questions about the team, expressed faith in the progress of quarterback Tyrod Taylor, and pronounced Rex Ryan “a great coach” and Terry Pegula “a great owner.”

Trump has his hands full as he attempts his presidential run, but hopefully he's right about Taylor. If Buffalo's quarterback progresses in 2016, the Bills could make a run of their own to the playoffs.


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