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Jarius Wynn playing at OLB in 2016?

Wynn will be playing some OLB in 2016.

Jarius Wynn was on the John Murphy Show on Monday night. After suffering a torn ACL in the first week of the preseason, Wynn did not get to take the field with the Buffalo Bills. Now, Wynn is healthy and he revealed to Murphy that he'll be playing some outside linebacker this season.

"They got me playing a little bit of outside linebacker now," Wynn stated. "It's totally different."

Wynn noted that in his new role he'll be rushing from the outside at times as well as dropping into coverage. In his career, Wynn said he hasn't had to drop much into coverage so this is a new learning experience for him. 

Murphy asked Wynn if he still stands in at 6'3" and 285 pounds as it'd be very difficult to drop into coverage at that weight. Wynn replied that he has been dropping weight since he was asked about moving to outside linebacker.

It turns out that Wynn is currently down about 20 pounds. Wynn said, "Right now, today, I'm like 265." 

A move to outside linebacker will be a challenge for Wynn, but his willingness to attempt the move should be praised. 


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