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Sammy Watkins' no show at Buffalo Bills voluntary workouts is no big deal

Sammy Watkins is the last player Bills fans should worry about.

Voluntary: Optional; acting of one's own free will.

Sorry to break out the dictionary, but some Buffalo Bills fans have forgotten what the word voluntary means. 

On Tuesday, articles were published about Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins skipping offseason workouts to go to a casino in North Carolina. Even if that was the entire story, who cares that Watkins wasn't in attendance at voluntary workouts? It should be a non-story as attendance is optional.

If case you've forgotten, Watkins was Buffalo's MVP over the second half of the season. Over Buffalo's final nine games, Watkins had 900 yards receiving and seven touchdowns on 49 receptions. In seven of the final nine games, Watkins had 81 yards receiving or more. He did this in a run-first offense with a first-year starter. Watkins is a star and come September he'll be ready.

Somewhat lost in the headlines about Watkins attending a casino was that he was in North Carolina for Tajh Boyd's football camp. Watkins was volunteering his own time to attend Boyd's Youth Football Fundamentals Camp. Boyd and Watkins spent time working with 170 kids ranging from the ages of six to 16.

In an interview with Greenville Online, Watkins stated, “No matter how big or busy guys are, or what you’re doing, it’s always good to come back and show the kids that you care. These kids need for athletes to come back and not just coach football, but show them that it’s all about giving back."

After giving back and working with kids, Watkins had some fun at a casino. Big deal.

Having Watkins at voluntary offseason workouts would have been great, but his absence is a non-story. When it really matters, there is no doubt that Watkins will be ready to go.


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