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Richie Incognito credits a supermarket for playing a role in re-signing with the Buffalo Bills.

If Incognito plays his cards right, he could find himself getting an endorsement deal.

Richie Incognito re-signed with the Buffalo Bills back in March on a three-year, $15,750,000 deal.

The left guard had many reasons to re-sign with Buffalo. First, Incognito will continue to play alongside one of his best friends, Eric Wood, for the next three years. He'll also come back to a team that finished first in rushing and utilized a blocking scheme that put his talents to use. Re-signing with the team that gave him a second chance in the league is another reason that Incognito came back to Buffalo.

All of these reasons surely played a role in Incognito's return, but the left guard revealed another reason he re-signed with the Bills: A supermarket.


Okay, Wegmans isn't just any supermarket. If you haven't had the pleasure to be in a Wegmans you wouldn't understand, but this supermarket chain has some of the best food you could imagine. In fact, it was recently named America's favorite grocery store. Although Incognito's comment was certainly tongue in cheek, there is a lot of truth to his emoji use. 

Maybe Incognito can use his tweet to land an endorsement with the supermarket chain. If not, something tells me that his $15 million deal will allow him to purchase his fair share of Wegmans subs.


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