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Rex Ryan has simplified Buffalo's defense

Preston Brown sounds happy about it.

The biggest complaint that Buffalo Bills defensive players had in 2015 was that Rex Ryan's defense was too complicated. It appears the head coach is trying to fix that problem.

Preston Brown appeared on WGR-550 this week and talked about the changes Ryan has made to the defense. Here is what Brown said via The Buffalo News:

"With Rex, we've already installed like 50 plays," Brown said. "A whole bunch of simpler plays. ...Our checks are limited. They're not as many as they were. And they're kind of the same kind of checks. So it's not as wide as it was last year coming into it. They've kind of simpled down some of the plays."

Brown continued, "The guys are happy that we don't have as many situations or checks on plays. So guys are excited that we're starting to compromise and going into the season making it simple and as fast as possible."

If Ryan can take a lot of the thinking out of the defense and just let the players play, Buffalo's defense could improve quite a bit this season.


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