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Stanford QB Kevin Hogan knows Greg Roman's offense and would feel comfortable in Buffalo's system.

Kevin Hogan makes his case for Buffalo.

The Buffalo Bills have two quarterbacks that are entering the final year of their respective contracts. The franchise tag could be in play for Tyrod Taylor if a long-term deal cannot be reached and EJ Manuel is realistically entering his final season with the Bills. Keeping this in mind, Buffalo certainly needs to draft a quarterback this year. Finding someone who could start sooner rather than later would be a plus, and Stanford QB Kevin Hogan believes he's the man for the job.

Tyler Dunne of the Buffalo News recently talked with Hogan and the quarterback feels as though he'd be a great fit with the Bills.

“I really admired what they did last season and I think there’s good things coming,” Hogan said. “I know Coach Roman’s offense. I know that I would be able to pick that up very easily. I know some things would be different and I’d have to adjust to the speed and schemes on the defensive side.

“But, yes, I feel very comfortable with that system.”

Hogan comes from a pro-style offense and although he may not have the arm strength that other prospects have, Hogan feels he's far ahead of the curve when it comes to running an NFL offense.

The quarterback told Dunne, “It’s not about getting up to the line and looking to the sidelines to see what your coach says. It’s about handling it under center — that’s what the quarterback position is all about.”

When it comes to Buffalo's offense, Hogan noted that it was very similar to what he ran at Stanford. 

“It’s the same one we ran at Stanford,” Hogan said. “You’re going to have three plays called and you’ll have to go up to the line of scrimmage with 12 seconds left on the play clock and read the defense pre-snap and see what the best play is to get into. A lot of the game is handled before the ball is even snapped. Coach Roman is going to have a lot of play action, a lot of turning your back to the defense, a lot of turning around and seeing what’s happened."

Hogan is bunched into the second tier of quarterbacks in this draft class with Connor Cook, Cardale Jones, Dak Prescott, and Christian Hackenberg. Every quarterback in this group has their own flaws, but Hogan's overall knowledge of Buffalo's offense makes him a legitimate option for the Bills in the 2016 NFL draft. 


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