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Buffalo Bills fans react to Christian Hackenberg report

Things escalated quickly.

Draft season is an entertaining time. Rumors and reports fly during this time of the year, but generally you can at least find a few fans who support certain reports and rumors.

That wasn't the case on Monday. In Peter King's MMQB, he noted that some people in the NFL were convinced that the Buffalo Bills would consider Penn State Nittany Lions QB Christian Hackenberg at pick 19. 

This was a very interesting tidbit, so it was reported on Buffalo Football Report.

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Upon the story being published, it was shared on social media and responses were pretty clear. Bills fans want nothing to do with Hackenberg in the first round of the draft. Here's a look at just a few of the entertaining responses to the story.








Never change, Bills fans. 

Even the Bills addressed the rumor in their own way.


It's very unlikely that Buffalo selects Hackenberg in the first round, but it wasn't that long ago that the team over-drafted EJ Manuel. Regardless, one Peter King tidbit made for some entertainment on Monday.


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