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Report: Adisa Bakari is pricing Tyrod Taylor out of the range the Bills will go.

Bakari is using Brock Osweiler's deal as a starting point.

The Buffalo Bills have looked at quite a few quarterbacks in the 2016 draft class. There's a belief that Buffalo may add a signal caller on the second day of the draft. Buffalo has more pressing needs to address and Tyrod Taylor as the starting QB, so why is quarterback such a need in Buffalo's eyes? The team reportedly feels that Taylor's agent is pricing the quarterback out of a range that the Bills are willing to pay.

Sal Capaccio of WGR-550 reported the following on Tuesday:

League sources have indicated to me there are several people in the organization who believe Taylor’s agent, Adisa Bakari, is pricing his client out of the range the Bills are willing to go, and won’t budge.  So they feel the team may need to take the opportunity now to draft the best QB it can and give him a full year to develop and learn their offensive system in case things don’t get worked out with Taylor.

Capaccio added that the Bills are still optimistic that a deal can be done, but they're covering all bases in the event that they can't reach a long-term deal with Taylor. Another source informed Capaccio that Bakari is using Brock Osweiler's deal with the Texans as a starting point (5-year/$72 million). 

Taylor played very well over a 14 game stretch but it's understandable that the Bills are hesitant to shell out that sort of money based on such a small sample size. If Taylor picks up where he left off last year, the Bills will most likely be open to negotiating a new deal in-season. However, if Bakari's demands are too much the Bills need a backup plan.

Bakari's reported contract demands certainly explain why the Bills have shown so much interest in some of the quarterbacks in the 2016 NFL draft.


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