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Buffalo Bills NFL Draft Reports: Buy or Sell?

A look at three recent Buffalo Bills reports and whether or not we buy or sell these reports.

The first round of the 2016 NFL draft will take place this evening. Keeping that in mind, the Buffalo Bills have had quite a few rumors and reports surrounding them leading up to the draft. We’ll look at the reports and determine whether or not we buy the report or sell it as nothing more than a smokescreen.

REPORT 1: Buffalo is ‘extremely interested’ in QB Paxton Lynch


This report came from Jason Cole of Bleacher Report. Lynch is considered to be among the first tier of quarterbacks in this year’s draft class. If he were to fall to pick 19, Buffalo could look to add Lynch. Simply put, it all comes down to whether or not the Bills view Lynch as a franchise QB. It’s possible that Lynch is in play at 19, but this could also be a smokescreen in an attempt to get another team to trade up for Lynch.

Verdict: Buy the report of interest, but don’t see the Bills making the move

REPORT 2: The Bills will consider Christian Hackenberg in the first round of the draft


Peter King’s MMQB had an interesting note that stated some people in the league could see the Bills considering Hackenberg at pick 19. The Bills plan on adding a quarterback in the draft and at pick 19, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz will be off the board. It’s possible that Paxton Lynch is available, but he could also be selected before pick 19. Even if the top three quarterbacks are selected, choosing Hackenberg at pick 19 makes little to no sense. If the team wants to add Hackenberg, he could be in play in the second or third round.

Verdict: Sell. Hackenberg at pick 19 would be a disaster.

REPORT 3: Buffalo eyeing bigger WRs in Round 1


Matt Miller of Bleacher Report mentioned this as a possibility on Twitter. Buffalo’s wide receiver depth is shaky at best so there could be something to Miller’s report. Behind Sammy Watkins, the team has Robert Woods as their second wide receiver. Woods is entering the final year of his contract and may not be in Buffalo’s long-term plans. Behind Woods, you’ll find quite a few question marks. Receivers such as Greg Salas, Leonard Hankerson, Greg Little, Jarrett Boykin, and others will compete for playing time behind the starting duo which is a bit worrisome.

At pick 19, most draft analysts expect the Bills to pursue a defensive prospect. However, the Bills could surprise the league and take the first wide receiver in the draft.

Verdict: Buy… Especially if Buffalo moves back late in the first round.


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