Cardale Jones didn't believe that the Buffalo Bills actually called him before being drafted by the team.

Cardale Jones thought a friend was prank calling him, but it really was the Bills.

One of the best moments that came from the 2016 NFL draft was Cardale Jones' reaction to being drafted by the Buffalo Bills. You could see his genuine excitement as he tore his shirt to shreds and ran down a hallway. 


It's a video you can watch over and over again, but it also seemed odd. Jones seemed surprised to see his name come across the television set as Buffalo's pick. Teams are known to call players before they select them so why did Jones look so surprised? It turns out that Jones didn't believe the Bills actually called him. 

Jones joined WGR-550 and shared the story about getting a call from the Bills and how he believed he was just getting pranked.

“I thought initially it was a prank call,” said Jones about receiving a call from the Bills. “I was getting calls from some weird numbers all day and I would answer and they would hang up. So I didn’t believe it until really my name went across the TV screen. I was watching it with my family and my name popped up on the screen and I went crazy.”

He certainly did go crazy and his explanation fits with why he seemed so surprised to see Buffalo take him at pick 139. As for joining the Bills, Jones couldn't be more excited. 

“I love it. I can’t think of a better situation to be in,” Jones said. “Couldn’t be around a better coach or better people. Just reflecting on my visit up to Buffalo with coach Ryan and him talking about the situation I would be in. Now it’s a reality. I’m going to try to take advantage of every situation from here on out.”

If Jones eventually takes advantage of his situation in Buffalo, many Bills fans could someday react to his touchdown passes the way he reacted to being drafted by Buffalo.


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