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Bart Scott doesn't see it taking Reggie Ragland very long to learn Rex Ryan's defense

Bart Scott thinks Reggie Ragland will have no trouble learning Rex Ryan's defense.

Former NFL player Bart Scott spent his entire NFL career with Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan. Few people know Ryan's defense better than Scott and the former linebacker feels that Reggie Ragland is going to pick up the defense very quickly. In fact, Scott told ESPN that Ragland is more prepared for Ryan's defense than any other defensive player in the league.

"He’s more prepared for Rex’s defense than pretty much any other defensive player in the league, in football," Scott said. "It won’t take long for him to learn. It’s something that needs, and I’ve done this with anybody, I mentor a lot of people. If he needs to learn how to simplify it and put it into his own words, I’m available to talk to him, to tell him how I simplified and how I made it five defenses instead of the 150, 200 that are in the book."

The reason Scott believes that Ragland is so prepared for Ryan's defense is because of the defense Ragland played in at Alabama. ESPN's article noted that Ryan has called Alabama's defense "the college version of our defense." 

Scott may be right about Ragland's learning curve and his willingness to mentor Ragland is a great gesture. Will Ragland take Scott up on his offer? We 'CAN'T WAIT' to find out.


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