Buffalo Bills buying land around Ralph Wilson Stadium

Buffalo Football Report has received reports of the Bills purchasing land around their stadium.

Leading up to the 2016 NFL draft, Buffalo Football Report received a report that the Buffalo Bills were purchasing land around Ralph Wilson Stadium. Photos of land surveys were shared but it didn't necessarily prove that the Bills were purchasing land. The information seemed rather reliable, but Buffalo Football Report could not find anyone who could correlate the report... until today.

Another source confirmed to Buffalo Football Report that Buffalo has been "buying/adding land to the existing 197 acres of the Ralph Wilson complex." 

In what is most likely no coincidence, a post popped up on a Bills message board, TwoBillsDrive.com, with information that matches up with what Buffalo Football Report was told. According to the message board, financial transactions have taken place with Buffalo purchasing land around the stadium.

Neither source could share what the Bills plan on doing with the land, but if the reports are true this is encouraging news for fans who hope to see the Bills remain in Orchard Park. If the Bills are buying land around their current complex, it's a sign that they may eventually build a new stadium in their current location.

UPDATE: Multiple media outlets have reported that the Bills have purchased the land to build a new grass practice field. Construction is expected to begin soon. 


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