The Buffalo Bills called Eric Striker and his agent five times after the conclusion of the 2016 NFL draft.

The Bills really wanted Eric Striker at the conclusion of the 2016 NFL draft.

If the Buffalo Bills had a seventh round draft pick in the 2016 NFL draft, there's a chance that Buffalo would have selected Oklahoma Sooners LB Eric Striker. After's Buffalo's last pick in the sixth round, the team went to work creating a list of potential undrafted free agents to pursue. Once the draft ended, Buffalo immediately contacted Striker.

The new Bills linebacker joined The John Murphy Show on Thursday night and shared the story of how the Bills were contacting Striker and his agent consistently after the draft. Brayton Wilson of WGR-550 transcribed Striker's comments:

"It was immediately afterwards that they had called me twice and my agent three times," Striker said. "It was almost like [the Bills] really wanted [me], 'but we didn't get a chance to draft him,' but it was just call after call. They seemed very excited, and it was a great fit. As a guy like me, who's not prototypical when it comes to a position, and fitting into a defense and the type of defense that's ran here. It was not like I chose Buffalo, but it was more like we chose each other."

Why did the Bills want Striker so much? His ability to blitz and pressure opposing quarterbacks.

"[The Bills] think I'm a great blitzer, they think I can move well in space, and do a lot of things. I'm a pretty simple guy. Wherever the coaches play me, wherever they think I fit to help the team win, I'm happy to play. If they decide to move me around, I'll pretty much do whatever. It really doesn't matter to me what position to play."

In his last two seasons at Oklahoma, Striker was responsible for 34.5 tackles for loss, 16 sacks, one interception, eight passes defensed, one forced fumble, and three fumble recoveries. Now in Buffalo, Sal Capaccio of WGR-550 said that the Bills plan on using Striker as an outside linebacker behind Manny Lawson.

The biggest knock against Striker is his size, but if any coach can find a creative way to utilize Striker's skill-set it's Rex Ryan.

You can listen to Striker's entire interview here: The John Murphy Show featuring Eric Striker 


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