Who is Reid Ferguson? Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan has no idea.

Ryan needs some time to learn everyone's name.

The Buffalo Bills have seven draft picks, 14 undrafted free agents, and seven players currently trying out at the team's rookie mini-camp. It's quite a few new players that Rex Ryan and the Bills coaching staff will get to know over the next few days. 

After the first day of Buffalo's rookie mini-camp, it became apparent that Ryan didn't know at least one player by their name. Former LSU Tigers long snapper Reid Ferguson isn't on a first or last name basis with the coach just yet.

Ryan met with the media at the end of the first day of rookie mini-camp and answered questions about quite a few of the players in attendance. When he was asked about Ferguson, Ryan had no idea who the media was referring to. Here's the transcript of the conversation from The Buffalo News:

Question: What did you think of Reid Ferguson?

Ryan: Excuse me?

Q: Ferguson.

Ryan: Ferguson…

Q: Long-snapper, LSU…

Ryan: Oh geez. Just say long snapper, guys. I’m just trying to figure out these names too. I hope a guy doesn’t leave our program now. Didn’t that happen with some coach? It did, didn’t it? But seriously, you know what, you’re going to have, just like I did there, you’re going to have those brain freezes. If I have to repeat it like twice, then you know I have no idea who you’re talking about.

Q: Just pretend that you do.

Ryan: Yeah, he did well. I think we’ll go that route.

Q: He have a nice day?

Ryan: I thought he had a super day.

Buffalo currently has a good long snapper in Garrison Sanborn, but Ferguson, an UDFA signing, has a chance to make his name known and perhaps win a job with the Bills.


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