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Cordy Glenn's contract numbers with the Buffalo Bills are starting to come in

Here's a look at Cordy Glenn's new deal with the Bills.

The Buffalo Bills signed Cordy Glenn to a five-year, $60 million contract earlier in the week with $36 million guaranteed. The contract can reach up to $65 million.

On Saturday, Mike Rodak of ESPN released Glenn's contract numbers. Here's a breakdown of Glenn's deal.

Year Base Salary Signing bonus proration Roster bonus Cap number
2016 $3M $3.2M -- $6.2M
2017 $9M (Fully guaranteed) $3.2M $2M $14.2M
2018 $9.25M ($8M guaranteed) $3.2M $2M $14.45M
2019 $7.25M $3.2M $2M $12.45M
2020 $7.5M $3.2M $2M $12.7M

Overall, the cap hits aren't too bad for Glenn. Buffalo will keep the left tackle with the Bills during his prime and his cap hits are reasonable when you consider the cap rising yearly.

Rodak noted that Glenn's new contract will save the Bills close to $7.5M in cap space this season. The Bills could use this money to add a free agent at a position of need or possibly towards extensions for Stephon Gilmore or Tyrod Taylor. Another option the team will have is to simply roll this amount over to 2017.


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