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CBS Sports doesn't see the Buffalo Bills winning eight games or more in 2016.

CBS Sports' Will Brinson doesn't see the Bills having a great season in 2016.

One week after the conclusion of the 2016 NFL draft, CBS Sports' Will Brinson is predicting the win totals of every team in the NFL. Brinson looked at the win totals given by Las Vegas for each team and then determined whether he believes that team would finish under or over that amount.

Las Vegas has the Buffalo Bills at eight wins this season, the same amount that the Bills finished with in 2015. Brinson goes with the under for the Bills and here is his rationale:

Buffalo Bills 8.0 Over (-115) / Under (-115) — Tremendous job of improving in the draft on defense by the Bills. Shaq Lawson and Reggie Ragland make them better off the bat. No one is talking about the quarterback situation though — if Tyrod Taylor isn't happy and won't play for a low amount of money, they could be stuck with EJ Manuel. Taylor is going to play, but him unhappy is bad news. Cardale Jones starting in the NFL right now? Worse news. Sammy Watkins is a stud, but who is playing next to him? This defense gets way better, but the offense gets way worse in a surprisingly down year.


Brinson noted that he believes the Bills did a good job of improving their defense, but he sees the offense getting "way worse" this season. His commentary about Buffalo's QBs is rather confusing. He states that Buffalo could be stuck with EJ Manuel if Tyrod Taylor decided to hold out, but then notes that won't actually be the case. Then he jumps to rookie QB Cardale Jones possibly starting in 2016, but that wouldn't happen barring serious injuries to Taylor and Manuel. 

As for his argument about Sammy Watkins, the wide receiver will have Robert Woods and Charles Clay next to him. Buffalo's offense lost Chris Hogan to the Patriots but there really weren't any significant losses on the offensive side of the ball and Watkins finished the final nine games of the season averaging 100 yards with Woods and Clay missing time over that stretch.

Buffalo has a very tough schedule in 2016, so his prediction could certainly come to fruition. That said, there's no reason to predict that Buffalo's offense will be "way worse" in their second season.

As for the other teams of the AFC East, Brinson sees Miami going over seven wins, the Jets going under eight wins, and the Patriots going over 10.5 wins. Brinson has New England's win total as one of his locks, or guarantees, to happen.


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