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Cordy Glenn is expected to make 87 percent of his deal with the Buffalo Bills

This is more than the average player is expected to receive with a team.

Cordy Glenn was signed to one of the "most player-friendly contracts in the entire league" according to OverTheCap.com. The NFL salary cap website looked at Glenn's $60 million deal with the Buffalo Bills and determined that Glenn's expected contract value is $52,362,561. This translates to Glenn receiving a whopping 87 percent of his contract with the team. 

Bryce Johnston of OverTheCap.com wrote:

This is one of the most player-friendly contracts in the entire league, as is evidenced by the 87% of contract value that Glenn can expect to earn. Most players can expect to earn 65-75% of stated contract value, and very few long-term contracts result in Expected Contract Value greater than 80% of stated value. Not coincidentally, two of Glenn’s teammates – Marcell Dareus and Charles Clay – possess comparably player-friendly contracts.

Glenn’s impressive Expected Contract Value is primarily driven by three factors. First, Glenn will still be 26 at the beginning of the 2016 season, which means that even the final season of the contract will come at an age when an offensive lineman is reasonably likely to remain productive. Second, the contract is not backloaded as many large contracts are, which means the 2019 and 2020 contract amounts are generally in line with the valuation of the contract and therefore represent reasonable compensation if Glenn remains healthy and productive.

It seems that Buffalo is setting a trend of issuing player-friendly contracts. This is certainly something that will get noticed around the league and it's possible that it could benefit the Bills with free agents down the road.

As for Glenn, Johnston makes the great point of noting that the left tackle is just 26 years old and the best years of his career are still ahead of him. Although the contract is very friendly to Glenn, it seems like a win-win deal for the tackle and the Bills.


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