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Rex Ryan recruited Glenn Gronkowski and let Rob Gronkowski know that the Buffalo Bills were going to stop him in 2016.

Rex multi-tasked on a phone call to Glenn Gronkowski after the 2016 NFL draft.

Rex Ryan was probably pretty hyped up following the 2016 NFL draft. The Buffalo Bills had added quite a bit of defensive talent to their roster and found value throughout the draft.

With the draft complete, Ryan’s focus shifted to a familiar name: Gronkowski. Buffalo’s head coach wanted to personally recruit fullback Glenn Gronkowski to join the Bills.

It didn’t take long for Ryan to get Gronkowski to join Buffalo. After completing his mission, Ryan’s attention turned to Glenn’s brother, Rob Gronkowski.

Ryan first asked Glenn how to shut his brother down. The Bills UDFA fullback shared the story on The John Murphy Show.

Glenn was honest in his response. He’s truly not sure how teams can slow his brother down. Via

“I don’t know how to stop Rob,” said Glenn Gronkowski. “Rex Ryan told him on the phone he’s going to double team him on every play this year. I guess that’s how we’re going to stop him.”

Yes, you read the second part of Glenn’s quote correctly. After asking for Glenn’s input, Rex Ryan asked the Bills fullback to pass the phone to Rob. Once the New England Patriots tight end was on the line, Ryan told him that Buffalo was going to double team him every play to stop him in 2016.

Will Ryan really double-team Gronkowski every play in 2016? We won’t know for sure until Buffalo’s first matchup with the Patriots in Week 4. 



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