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Tyrod Taylor is fine with T-Mobile or T2

Tyrod Taylor backed off of his statement that T-Mobile is his least favorite nickname.

Back in January, Tyrod Taylor told John Murphy that his least favorite nickname was T-Mobile. The quarterback noted that he had heard that nickname since his time at Virginia Tech, so he was ready for something new. 


On Thursday night, Taylor joined The John Murphy Show again and Murphy put Taylor on the spot about his nickname. He played audio of Taylor saying his new favorite nickname is T2 and that T-Mobile is probably his least favorite before playing audio of Taylor from ESPN from Super Bowl week. On ESPN, Taylor noted that T-Mobile was "the best" nickname. Taylor also stated that T-Mobile was his favorite nickname on a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA). It seemed odd until the QB launched his website and T-Mobile was listed as one of his official partners.


Murphy asked Taylor one more time on Thursday night about his favorite nickname. This time, the Buffalo Bills QB said he's fine with T-Mobile or T2.

"I'm actually fine with either one," Taylor said. "T-Mobile is fine. T2 is fine. Like I said, I'm still sticking with Shady as the only one that can call me Willie Beamen. T-Mobile or T2."


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