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No QB had more time to pass in 2015 than Tyrod Taylor

Pro Football Focus revealed that no QB had more time to throw than Tyrod Taylor.

No quarterback had more time to throw in 2015 than Tyrod Taylor. Pro Football Focus listed which QBs had the longest time to throw on average and the Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback was on the top of the list. 


You can look at this stat a few different ways.

Solid offensive line play

Buffalo's offensive line has mostly been praised for their ability to create running lanes. A few members of the unit were also underappreciated in pass protection. Cordy Glenn only allowed two sacks in 2015 at left tackle and finished as PFF's 10th best tackle. Richie Incognito, PFF's No. 2 overall guard, was strongest in run blocking, but he also did well in pass protection. Eric Wood also had a bounce-back season in 2015 and was strong in pass and run blocking.

This trio certainly provided Taylor with plenty of time to throw. The right side of Buffalo's offensive line wasn't as consistent, but they also had their moments.


When I first saw PFF's list, I probably uttered something along the lines of, "Well, duh."  Taylor's mobility certainly buys him plenty of time to throw the ball. The QB is elusive and can avoid pressure on the field when the offensive line loses a battle or when opposing defenses send additional pressure. Looking at PFF's list, the first four quarterbacks are all very mobile quarterbacks and while Aaron Rodgers doesn't have the same sort of mobility as Taylor, Manziel, Bridgewater, and Wilson, he's still a mobile QB.


It's hard to knock a quarterback for having the most time to throw in the NFL, but Taylor's anticipation was up and down in 2015. He would hold onto the ball at times until his receiver became open, rather than anticipating when his receiver would get open. This isn't surprising as it was Taylor's first year as a starter and it's something he should improve upon in his second season. 

All three of these aspects certainly played a role in Taylor holding the ball/having the most time to throw the ball in 2015.


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