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Buffalo Bills legend Darryl Talley reacts to Draymond Green's kick from the Western Conference Finals.

Darryl Talley would not have tolerated Draymond Green's 'incidental' kick.

Last night, Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors kicked Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder in the nether regions. Green claimed the kick was accidental and after the game he stated, "It’s frustrating. Because like I said, I know I didn’t do it on purpose."

Buffalo Bills legend Darryl Talley doesn't seem to believe Green and took to Twitter on Sunday night. His message? Green is a very lucky man that it wasn't Talley on the court with him.


According to Talley, the game would have ended after Green's kick and it quickly would have turned into a fight. Anyone who ever witnessed Talley play knows that the former linebacker isn't lying and that Green is very fortunate to have not kicked Talley. 

Luckily for Oklahoma City, Adams did not react the way Talley would have in that situation. Instead, the kick seemed to shift momentum in the game to the Thunder and Oklahoma City went on to win game three by a score of 133-105.


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