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As promised I will answer randomly selected questions e-mailed into me. Usually I will post the answers on Saturday night but because of the preseason football game this week's answers are posted today. Send in my questions for next week to Deadline for sending questions is Thursday.

Here are some players I've been wondering about. I was hoping you could shed some light on them and give me your view on them.

Tyrone Calico
Marquise Walker
Brian Finneran
Robert Ferguson

Thanks for your help


Each of these players has the possibility to put up decent fantasy numbers this year if situations play out right.

Tyrone Calico, the rookie WR for the Titans, has a possibility to be a real sleeper but its going to be tough for him. He's a rookie and even the highly touted rookies usually don't do anything special their first year. The main reason why he was drafted as high as the 2nd round is because of his physical stature and athletic ability. He's raw though, coming from a small college, and will have to learn to adjust to a much higher level of play that he's sued to. Also, he's the 3rd WR at best for the Titans, but may see more playing time as the year goes along. Unless the Titans get hit with a rash of injuries at wide receiver, I wouldn't bother this year.

Marquis Walker was traded from Tampa Bay after getting drafted in the 3rd round in 2001 for Thomas Jones. Walker has good size but mediocre speed. He's more experienced that the Cardinals two rookie WR's Bryant Johnson and Anquan Boldin, but that doesn't mean he's in any better of a spot to be the #1 guy in Arizona. Even if he was, I don't think he's a fantasy star and may never be. He's another player to avoid.

Brian Finneran was the Falcon's #1 WR last year before they traded for Peerless Price. Even as a #1, his numbers weren't spectacular. That may also be because of Michael Vick's development as a QB. If the Falcons are more dedicated to keeping Vick in the pocket more and Price can emerge as a real go-to guy then the Falcons could become a pretty good passing team and Finneran might put up some decent numbers. Keep an eye out to see how Vick and Price are playing to determine whether Finneran would be worth picking up.

Robert Ferguson is battling Javon Walker for the #2 WR opposite Donald Driver. Both are big, strong, and athletic WR's. To me, it's a toss up on who will win it. Walker was the Packer's first rounder a year ago so he might be labeled a disappointment if he doesn't win the job. Ferguson was a 2nd rounder only two years ago so he probably has as much pressure. Watch to see who wins that #2 job and pick that player up especially if Driver doesn't repeat last year's success. Most drafts I have seen, they aren't getting drafted at all.

Hello I'm a yahoo fantasy football player and am pretty experienced and I know I did well in the draft but I'm not sure who to use as my #2 RB. I'm in a public league so this is no friends and family stuff. I have LT as my #1 and I have Troy Hambrick, Duce Staley, Corell Buckhalter, and Stacey Mack as my other choices, I only have Hambrick, Staley and Buckhalter on my team now but the rest are on waivers. I would greatly appreciate your input. Also right now I have Hambrick in.

Only if you have time I'd like you to tell me how you like my team. I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done much better in a public league like this.

QB: Mike Vick.

WR: Hines Ward, David Boston, Donte' Stallworth.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson, Hambrick.

K: David Akers.

DEFENSE: Tampa Bay.

Thank you, your professional input would be greatly appreciated.


I like how you covered yourself drafting both Staley and Buckhalter, especially with Staley's continued absence in training camp. Hambrick and Mack are both question marks as they are taking over as the #1 RB for the first time. As far as week 1 goes, I would have to lean towards staying with Hambrick over Mack for right now simply for a few reasons. First, Bill Parcells tend to be more committed to the run and the Cowboys have a more established offensive line than the Texans plus even though the Cowboys have to play a good defense in Atlanta, Mack has to go against the Dolphins defense and the Eagles play the Buccaneers. Watch the Staley situation closely and if it appears that Buckhalter has taken over the job and Staley still hasn't reported, drop Staely and grab Mack.

With the exception of maybe your #2 RB, right now, you have a solid team that you can depend on. Tomlinson is a top 3 fantasy RB and your QB Vick will produce points both rushing and passing and is only getting better at both. Your WR's are very good #1-3 and you have the best defense and one of the best fantasy kickers. Overall, it's a very good draft.

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