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Despite what Jason La Canfora thinks, there is no stadium riddle for the Buffalo Bills.

Jason La Canfora's 'stadium riddle' comment is not to be taken seriously.

The NFL wants the Buffalo Bills to build a new stadium. Buffalo is in no rush. This much we know. That said, there is no controversy concerning the Bills and a new stadium. It will happen in due time but Buffalo will do their research first. Despite this, Jason La Canfora apparently wants Bills fans to think they're at risk of leaving Buffalo.

In his most recent article, "Why Las Vegas is the NFL's new LA for scaring up stadium funding," La Canfora nonchalantly mentions the Bills as a possible option to move to Las Vegas.

"But let's face it -- it's not like the Raiders are going to move to London or something like that, and there are only so many other viable locales that could be realistically investigated to house an NFL team. So if, in the end, the league ends up establishing Vegas as the guy in the closet ready to pounce out if the Jaguars or Bills are unable to solve their stadium riddles in the future, that's a win for the league, too."

There is as much of a chance of the Bills moving to Las Vegas as there was Buffalo trading up for Connor Cook in Round 2 or pursuing him in Round 3.


Terry and Kim Pegula, owners of the Bills, are pretty committed to Western New York. In addition to owning the Bills, the Pegulas also own the Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bandits, and Rochester Americans. Sports teams aside, the Pegulas have invested heavily in Buffalo with the HarborCenter. This $172 million project includes 716 Food and Sport restaurant, a Tim Hortons, an indoor skating rink, and more.

The Pegula family has no reason to leave Western New York and the fact that La Canfora even mentioned Buffalo is laughable at best.

The only time the Bills will head to Las Vegas is in the offseason or to play against whichever team eventually calls Sin City home. There is no stadium riddle. The Bills will build a new stadium in Buffalo when the time is right. 


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