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Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley released a statement saying he used a poor choice of words

Doug Whaley released a statement to address a comment he made on Tuesday.

Buffalo Bills GM Doug Whaley had to release a statement on Wednesday to clarify a comment he made on Tuesday. When talking with WGR-550, Whaley stated that football was a "violent game that I personally don't think humans are supposed to play." In a nutshell, Whaley was saying that the physicality of the NFL will take its toll on the human body. His statement wasn't incorrect, but his comment became mainstream news. 

On Wednesday, Whaley released the following statement:

“Clearly I used a poor choice of words in my comment yesterday morning,” Whaley said. “As a former player who has the utmost respect and love for the game, the point that I was trying to make is that football is a physical game and injuries are a part of it. Playing football no doubt is very physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging, and that is all part of what make the game so compelling to play and watch. The game has more protection for players now than ever, thanks largely to the safety advancements and numerous rule changes made by our league and promoted to all levels of football. I believe our game continues to have a bright future and I hope that this statement provides clarity as to the intent of my earlier comment.”

Whaley didn't say anything wrong with his initial comment on Tuesday, but you have to wonder if he was asked by the league to release a statement on his original comment. 


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