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Is the Buffalo Bills defense 'ready to climb' in 2016?

Heath Evans believes that the Buffalo Bills defense is ready to climb in 2016.

Heath Evans may secretly be a Buffalo Bills fan. Yesterday, Evans listed Buffalo's running backs in his Top 5 list.

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Now, the former NFL fullback is listing Buffalo's defense among three that he believes is 'ready to climb' in 2016.


Evans' list is all about teams that are ready to outperform last year's performance, so it's not much of a surprise to see Buffalo listed. 

"This wasn't a Rex Ryan issue; this was a discipline issue," said Evans. In 2016, Evans believes that the team is ready to do things Ryan's way and notes that rookie Reggie Ragland will add toughness to Buffalo's defense. In year two, Evans says Buffalo's defense will buy in and that the unit will be as productive as those "that we grew to love there when Rex was with the Jets."

Last year's defense was a disappointment, minus the play of the cornerbacks, so it shouldn't take too much for Evans' prediction to come true in 2016.  


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