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Buffalo Bills fans: Have tables, will travel

Bills fans attended the Indianapolis 500 and brought along their tables.

Some Buffalo Bills fans made names for themselves this season by being power-bombed, choke-slammed, or simply diving through tables. Although it's the offseason for the Bills, their table-breaking fans apparently do not take any days off.

Bills fans were in attendance at the Indianapolis 500 this past weekend and they brought along their tables. On Saturday, a video emerged on Twitter showing two Bills fans suplexing a third friend through a table. A man in a Doug Flutie jersey was anxiously awaiting the suplex in the background.

Another video emerged on Sunday with a Bills fan choke-slamming another Bills fan through a table. Doug Flutie's jersey wasn't present, but there was a fan representing Flutie Flakes in the background.

September is still a few months away, but table-breaking, Doug Flutie cheering Bills fans are still in mid-season form. 


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