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Akiem Hicks spoke up on behalf of Rob Ryan

Hicks spoke up for Rob Ryan on Thursday.

Rob Ryan was interviewed along with his brother for MMQB recently. During their question and answer session, Rob Ryan noted that the defense that struggled for the New Orleans Saints was not the defense he was hired to run.

"There are two years that don’t have my signature on them, and it’s the last two years in New Orleans," Ryan said. "And that’s just the truth."

He went on to note that the Saints wanted to run a defense similar to what the Seahawks used. 

"Everyone wants to run Seattle’s defense. They should have hired a Seattle coach. I did the best job I could. Under the circumstances, trust me, I did the best job I could. I’ll be better anywhere else. I’ll be great anywhere else. But it was unfortunate."

Shortly after the Assistant Head Coach/Defense of the Buffalo Bills, Sean Payton responded and said, "“The idea that it wasn’t his defense, or he wasn’t in charge of it, is silly.”

Perhaps Ryan's claims weren't as "silly" as Payton mentioned. Akiem Hicks, currently a member of the Chicago Bears, played under Rob Ryan with the Saints and spoke out for his former defensive coordinator. Via Mike Triplett of ESPN:

“Not to talk about New Orleans for the rest of this interview, but as a player in that system, you can see when power is taken away from a guy,” Hicks said. “It was evident in that situation and you saw what the turnout was because of it.”

“I’ll forever and always have a lot of love for Rob Ryan, just because there’s nobody that’s going to shoot you straighter,” Hicks told the Chicago media Wednesday. “He’s going to tell you how it is, he’s going to tell you how he feels, and you’re always going to understand his perspective on things, and I feel like that was taken away.”

It seems Ryan was telling the truth to Vrentas when he said he had his power taken away during his last two seasons in New Orleans.



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