The Buffalo Bills are favored to win 5 games according to CG technology.

In early June, the Bills are favored to win 5 games.

A lot can change between now and September, but one odds-making technology is sharing their betting lines for the 2016 season. CG Technologies provided ESPN with the odds for every NFL team from Week 1-16; the last week of the season was not included in the odds as teams often rest QBs during this time.

How do the Buffalo Bills fare in early June? According to the ESPN article, Buffalo is currently favored to only win five games.

CG Technologies favors the Bills against the following five teams:

Week Opponent Spread
2 Jets -2
6 49ers -7
12 Jaguars -5
15 Browns -9
16 Dolphins -2.5

As you can see, the Bills are currently big favorites over the 49ers and Browns. This isn't much of an accomplishment, however, as CG Technologies does not have either team favored to win a single game over their respective first 16 games. 

As for the rest of Buffalo's schedule, here's a look at their opponent and how many points CG Technologies is giving the Bills.

Week Opponent Spread
1 @ Ravens +3
3 Cardinals +2.5
4 @Patriots +7
5 @Rams +1
7 @Dolphins +1
8 Patriots +3
9 @Seahawks +10
11 @Bengals +5.5
13 @Raiders +1.5
14 Steelers +2

Buffalo is a major underdog against the Seahawks on Monday Night Football, but that's somewhat understandable. Seattle has a strong roster and their stadium is among the toughest to play at in the league. Buffalo's second biggest point spread, Week 4 at New England, could certainly change to a much lower number if Tom Brady is suspended for the game.

These odds will certainly change as the season approaches and in-season, but it's interesting to see how CG Technologies views the Bills in early June.


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