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The Buffalo Bills must blitz Joe Flacco in Week 1

Flacco has played poorly when blitzed.

We're still a few months away from the Buffalo Bills season opener against the Baltimore Ravens, but their defensive game-plan should be simple. Buffalo must blitz Joe Flacco early and often. 

According to an ESPN article, Flacco was one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL last season when blitzed. His QBR was among the lowest in the league last year and he has a history of making mistakes when blitzed. Here's what the article said in regards to the Ravens quarterback:

Joe Flacco: It seems to have flown under the radar, but Flacco and the Ravens’ offense have struggled against the blitz. His QBR of 37.0 ranked 30th last season. Since 2013, Flacco has been one of the more mistake-prone QBs against the blitz, with the second-highest interception rate (3.4 percent) in the NFL.

Rex Ryan has said that Buffalo's defense will be "fully pregnant" in 2016 and that they'll be running his defense the entire season. In Week 1, look for Ryan to throw multiple blitzes at Flacco and the Ravens.


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