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Watch WR Gary Chambers try death sauce wings

Chambers' bravery is commendable.

Buffalo Bills undrafted free agent wide receiver Gary Chambers is a very brave man.

Chambers and the rest of Buffalo's undrafted free agent class were recently invited to Duff's to try their famous wings. Duff's offers many different types of wings, but Chambers decided to try Duff's death sauce. To mark the occasion, the wide receiver was recorded eating a few of the death wings. To his credit, he seems to have no trouble eating the wings. 


Apparently the person recording the video cut it off at just the right moment for Chambers' sake. Here's what Chambers said happened after the video stopped rolling on Instagram.

This video was taken before I threw up had a runny nose, red eyes, and my lips burnt off.. Never again in my life you can bet that! S/o Duffs for damn near ending my life with the rightly named DEATH sauce smh #BillsMafia

Chambers learned a valuable lesson at Duff's. Don't order anything with the word 'death' in it.


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