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Jim Kelly razzes Bruce Smith at the Jim Kelly Classic

Jim Kelly had a great response to Bruce Smith's joke on Monday.

The Jim Kelly Classic took place on Monday and some of the quarterbacks former teammates were in attendance for the golf outing. One former player who came out to support Kelly was Bruce Smith.

It was recently announced that the former defensive end would have his number retired at the Buffalo Bills home opener in Week 2 against the New York Jets. Keeping this topic in mind, Smith gave Kelly a bit of a hard time and told him that although his number was retired first, he's not the best Bills player of all-time.

Smith, of course, was alluding to himself as being the greatest Bills player of all-time. With 200 sacks, 42 forced fumbles, and 15 fumble recoveries in his career, Smith's stats certainly back him up. That said, Smith's comment was just in jest to get a rise out of Kelly. Knowing this was the case, Kelly had a rebuttal waiting for Smith.


Kelly certainly showed some quick thinking with his response to Smith.


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