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Cardale Jones gets run over by Jerome Felton

Cardale Jones is a large man, but he was no match for Jerome Felton.

Cardale Jones is a large man. The 6-foot-5-inch, 250 pound Buffalo Bills quarterback can be hard to bring down when he gets moving, but it's not quite the same when he's standing still.

On Wednesday, Jones found himself in Jerome Felton's path as he was attempting to hand the fullback the ball. Felton isn't as tall as Jones, but he's also a large man at 248 pounds. The end result of Jones being in the fullback's path can be viewed below.

Jones tried his best to avoid the hit but his spin move took him to the ground. The quarterback was all smiles after taking the hit and as Buscaglia noted, Jones joked about it later in the day.

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