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The Buffalo Bills attempted to move T.J. Barnes to offensive tackle.

Barnes was 'tired of getting his butt kicked.'

NFL teams like to experiment with moving players to different positions. The Buffalo Bills are no exception. Years ago, Buffalo moved a tight end named Jason Peters to offensive tackle and the move paid off. Peters has been named to the Pro Bowl and has been a first or second team All-Pro six times in his career.

Unfortunately, for every success story there's probably a dozen or more failed transitions. Buffalo can officially put T.J. Barnes' short tenure at offensive tackle into the failure category. On Wednesday, Rex Ryan told the media that Barnes' experiment at offensive tackle is now over. 

“Did not go great,” said Ryan. “Man that looked great on paper though. T.J. said, ‘Please Rex bring me back to defense.’ I’m like, ‘Okay you’ve got it.’ But I love the fact that he was willing to try and it wasn’t just a one day deal. He went out there and was trying for a few weeks, but in the end he did not feel comfortable. As he put it, he was tired of getting his butt kicked. To his credit he was out there battling. He was trying to get better and so we put him back to defense.”

After 'getting his butt kicked' on offense, Barnes will have to kick some butt on defense to win a spot on Buffalo's 53-man roster.

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