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Marcell Dareus said losing Mario Williams was 'a big deal'

Dareus wishes Buffalo found a way to keep Mario Williams.

At the end of the 2015 season, one or more Bills players anonymously ripped Mario Williams' effort

One player told Ty Dunne of the Buffalo News, "It’s been clear to me that Mario doesn’t care about anybody but himself." Another teammate simply said, “Sayonara, 94.” 

It seemed like many of Williams' teammates were fed up with his lack of effort on the field and knew that the defensive end didn't buy into Rex Ryan's defense. Although many of Williams' former teammates didn't seem too upset about the defensive end being on his way out the door, Marcell Dareus wishes Williams was still on the team in 2016.

Dareus was asked about Williams no longer being in Buffalo and the defensive lineman admitted that losing Williams was a big deal to him. Via Matthew Fairburn of NewYorkUpstate.com:

"I mean, he's a big deal to me," Dareus said in regards to Williams. "He's a real close friend of mine. I wish we could have did something, but at the same time, hey, it's a business. They're going to do what they have to do. It hit us all different ways, but that's how it is."

When the media asked Dareus to expand upon his thoughts he said, "It's a business. How I feel really doesn't matter."

Although Buffalo parted ways with a very talented player in Williams, it was the right move. The defensive end quit on his teammates in 2015 and there was no way to justify his $19 million cap hit. Dareus will miss playing alongside his friend, but if the entire defense buys into Rex Ryan's system in 2016 the unit should perform much better.


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