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Marquise Goodwin said he'd choose track over football if the pay was equal

Goodwin answered the question in a live Facebook event with Emily Kaplan of MMQB.

If the pay was equal, Marquise Goodwin would choose track and field over football. The Buffalo Bills wide receiver was asked in a live Facebook chat event with Emily Kaplan of MMQB which sport he'd choose if the money was the same. It didn't take long for Goodwin to answer with track and field.

"I would definitely do track and field, man," Goodwin said. "Football was my opportunity to advance my life… kind of get a head start on life and put my family in a position to where they wouldn’t want for as much. I felt like track and field wouldn’t grant me that opportunity, being that I had a greater chance at making the amount of money that I do playing football, as opposed to going to track and field, and I would make it a lot sooner. Not saying I wouldn’t make it in track and field, but, I would make it pretty much at a guaranteed rate in football."

The answer should not come as much of a surprise. Goodwin is among the best long jumpers in the United States and has a great chance to make the Summer Olympics in Rio. He's recently set a world leading 8.45 meter jump in Guadelope and set a long jump record at Alexander Stadium in England.

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While Goodwin is thriving in the long jump, his NFL career really hasn't taken off. As a rookie, Goodwin caught 17 passes for 283 yards (16.6 YPC) and three touchdowns. Since then, Goodwin has only appeared 12 games over the last two seasons. Over that span of time, Goodwin has three receptions for 66 yards and three carries for eight yards. 

Although Goodwin chose track over football, he did say that he'd pick Bills fans over track fans when asked who was more intense.

"Bills fans, 100-percent," Goodwin said. "Track fans are very, very, very, very, very, very positive all the time. Very rarely… never have I heard a track sports fan say, ‘This person sucks,’ or, ‘We don’t want you to train in our city.’ You know, ‘We don’t want this and that.’ And a lot of that has to do with a lot of track fans really don’t drink alcohol at the events."


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