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The Buffalo Bills' offensive triplets were ranked 21st in the NFL by Bill Barnwell

LeSean McCoy, Tyrod Taylor, and Sammy Watkins came in on the bottom half of Bill Barnwell's list.

LeSean McCoy is a household name in the NFL. The running back is respected by his peers around the league and is still considered a Top 100 player in the NFL. 

Sammy Watkins may not be a household name just yet, but he appears to be on his way to stardom in the league. In 29 career games, Watkins has caught 125 passes for 2,029 yards and 15 touchdowns.

Tyrod Taylor only has one season as a starting quarterback under his belt, but he emerged a dual-threat quarterback in 2015. Taylor will look to prove that 2015 was no fluke in his second season as Buffalo's starting quarterback.

Bills fans should be very optimistic about these players heading into 2016. On paper, it seems like a strong trio, but how do they compare to other trios around the NFL? Bill Barnwell took the top three offensive players from every team and ranked them from 1 to 32. When the list was complete, Buffalo's trio came in at No. 21

Buffalo Bills

QB Tyrod Taylor, RB LeSean McCoy, WR Sammy Watkins

What the Bills and offensive coordinator Greg Roman did last year -- turn a replacement-level veteran option like Taylor into a productive starting quarterback -- virtually never happens and was one of the more astounding things to happen in the NFL in 2015. Outside of injury, there's no real reason to think that Taylor won't be able to maintain that level of performance. If his production was fluky or the product of a gimmicky offense, we would have expected him to decline as the season went along, but that wasn't the case. Taylor posted a 65.7 Total QBR over his first seven starts and actually upped that to a 69.4 QBR over his final seven. The Bills' major concern at this point is Watkins, who is out indefinitely after undergoing foot surgery.

Buffalo's top three offensive weapons ranked higher than the trios Barnwell picked for the following teams: Browns, 49ers, Eagles, Titans, Rams, Ravens, Lions, Dolphins, Jets, Seahawks, and Bears.

Some trios that ranked ahead of the Bills that you could argue included Barnwell's choices for the Vikings (Bridgewater, Peterson, Diggs), Broncos (Sanchez, Thomas, Sanders), Raiders (Carr, Cooper, Crabtree), and Texans (Osweiler, Miller, Hopkins).

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