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Preston Brown messes with Karlos Williams

Preston Brown has jokes.

Poor Karlos Williams. The Buffalo Bills running back was called out yesterday for being overweight at minicamp.

"To say he's overweight for a back, yeah without question he is," Rex Ryan said. "You guys can see him as well as I do. He's clearly overweight."

Ryan added, "Obviously you wish that he was in much better shape. There's no question about it. In the future, I'm sure he's got to realize what he did this offseason is far from what you want. He's a young guy. Hopefully he learns from it."

Williams put on the additional weight when his fiancee was pregnant with their child. If you're a father, you can relate to sympathy weight.

Speaking of sympathy, Preston Brown doesn't have any for Williams' weight. The linebacker quoted Karlos Williams' tweet of "Love it" with one word on Twitter: Food.


Brown simply couldn't resist poking fun at his teammate. Since Brown's comment, James Wilder has joined the conversation and Karlos Williams has responded to them both.



Brown, of course, had to get in another word on Williams.


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