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Corey Graham and Greg Roman won a special Buffalo Bills 'lottery'

They didn't win any money, but they did get to go home early.

Corey Graham and Greg Roman won a Buffalo Bills lottery on Thursday. There was no large cash prize, but the player and coach did win a day off.

Rex Ryan announced that Graham and Roman were both selected in a lottery, one for players and one for coaches. Veterans with three years of experience or more were included in one lottery, while all of the coaches were included in the other.

Ryan went on to tell that media that Roman wasn't allowed to be at practice, even if he wanted to be. After winning the lottery for coaches, Roman was told he had to take the day off.

Ryan has always had the reputation of being a player's coach and this was a kind gesture on the last day of OTAs for players and coaches. The Bills will return to action on Saturday, July 30 when training camp begins at St. John Fisher College. 


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