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2 Buffalo Bills among Pro Football Focus' Top 101 Players Right Now

Two Bills were named, but both were on the bottom half of the list.

Pro Football Focus already published their Top 101 Players of 2015. Now, the analytics site is looking at the Top 101 Players in the NFL right now. According to their list, the Buffalo Bills have two of the Top 101 players currently in the league, but no player is ranked higher than 62.

Here’s a look at the two Bills who made the list, where they were ranked, and what PFF had to say about each player.

62. Richie Incognito, G, Bills

The reason for his NFL exile prevents this from being any kind of feel-good story, but Richie Incognito’s 2015 season was one of the more impressive comeback tales of recent memory. Out of the league entirely for a year, he returned as an All-Pro caliber player at guard for the Bills. If anything, it shows the impact being 100 percent healthy at the start of the season can have for an NFL lineman, as well as the toll years in the trenches can have. Incognito’s run-blocking was dominant, and his pass-blocking was pretty good. On 2015 form alone, he deserves to be higher on this list. But the question becomes how far will that performance slip now that he doesn’t have a year off before rolling into the season?

96. Ronald Darby, CB, Bills

Rookie cornerbacks aren’t supposed to hit the ground running in the NFL, but Ronald Darby’s grades were consistently excellent from day one. To put it in perspective, his coverage grade over the season was better than Darrelle Revis managed in his rookie campaign of 2007, as were almost all of Darby’s coverage numbers across the board. He didn’t finish the year quite as well as he began, which is why he is in the 90s on this list, but when he was at his best, he was excellent. If he takes any kind of step forward in his second season, he will be in very rare air. Kansas City CB Marcus Peters may have led the league in interceptions, but he also had far more negative plays to offset those than Darby did, and never came close to matching the Bill’s grade on a play-by-play basis.


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