(Rob Smyton/Facebook)

Buffalo Bills coaches, Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan, rode a tandem bike on Friday

The photo has already led to a t-shirt and photoshops.

A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture of Buffalo Bills coaches Rex Ryan and Rob Ryan riding a tandem bike? Well, that's worth thousands upon thousands of words.


On Friday, Rob Smyton was at Delaware Park when he spotted the Ryan brothers on a tandem bicycle. Thankfully, the moment was captured. There's not much to say about this majestic photo but it's taken social media by storm.

First, the image of the Ryan brothers has already been turned into a t-shirt by 26 Shirts. 


26 Shirts raises money for those in Western New York who need financial assistance as they battle injuries and illnesses. This specific shirt will help one woman who is battling cancer, so consider purchasing a t-shirt.

In addition to the picture being used for donation purposes, this picture is perfect for Photoshop purposes. Here's a look at one of the outstanding pictures that has already been made.



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