Buffalo Bills listed as possible first time Super Bowl winner in 2016

The Bills are named but Adam Schein believes they're a long-shot.

Back in May, K.C. Joyner of ESPN named the Buffalo Bills as an AFC Super Bowl sleeper team.

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Adam Schein of NFL.com isn't ready to name the Bills a Super Bowl sleeper just yet, but he did name the team on his list of nine teams that could win their first Super Bowl. Buffalo came in at No. 8 on Schein's list and the columnist said the following about the Bills:

8. Buffalo Bills

I openly rooted for the Cavaliers this year -- really wanted it, for LeBron's legacy, but also for those fans. I feel the same way when it comes to the amazing, long-suffering Bills Mafia. Buffalo sports a ghastly 393-451-8 all-time record. The four straight Super Bowl losses always will be painful (even though making four straight Super Bowls is a fantastic accomplishment).

Still, I'm not confident in these Bills, considering they have Rex Ryan for at least another year. (It can't last longer than that, right?)

You poor people of Buffalo. You deserve so much more.

Although the Bills made Schein's list, the writer noted that there is a "significant drop-off" after the sixth team on his list.

(NOTE: My last name rhymes with the number nine. First time ever writing this column that I wished it sounded more like "six," as there is a significant drop-off after team No. 6 in the list below. But I digress.)


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