Ed Reed's interception in 2008 was named the seventh best long play in NFL history

Buffalo Bills coach Ed Reed was a baller on the field.

Buffalo Bills fans won't ever see coach Ed Reed in a Bills uniform, but they'll be lucky to have him coaching in the secondary. Reed, a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, was one of the greatest defensive backs of all-time in his career and it's no surprise that one of Reed's interceptions was named among the 10 best in NFL history.

Back in 2008, Reed's Baltimore Ravens took on the Philadelphia Eagles. In the midst of a blowout, Donovan McNabb was benched in favor on Kevin Kolb. One of Kolb's passes in the game was intercepted by Reed in the end zone. The safety returned the interception for 107 yards and a touchdown. The Ravens eventually won the game by a score of 36-7.

Hopefully, Reed will give Buffalo's secondary some tips on reading a QB's eyes, as well as jumping routes. Reed's wisdom could go a long way for the Bills and perhaps one of Buffalo's players will have a long interception return for a touchdown in 2016.

Ryan Fitzpatrick's 98-yard touchdown pass to Terrell Owens in 2009 did not make the NFL's list.


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